Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2016 - 20 June 2018
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
It is diveided into 4 main activities:
- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Exploitation
- Evaluation

Coordination of the activities
It includes:
• Planning of all the activities of the project for the 2 years project life
• Participation in and organisaiton of 4 transnational meetings of the steering committee
• Creation and update of the project website
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Constant sharing of solutions and circulation of information through e-mails and skype meetings
• Check of the project state of art and of the respecting of the deadlines

In includes:
- Making the I Have Rights Portal accessible to the largest possible number of school teachers in secondary schools (students aged 14 to 19), school counsellors, students, in particular those aged 14 to 17 when the risk of dropping out from school is higher
- Sharing the I Have Rights Portal and the results of the I Have Rights project with the highest number of operators in the field of education
- Sharing the I Have Rights Portal and the results of the I Have Rights project with the highest number of citizens
- Spreading the I Have Rights activities and results on the most popular Social Network (Facebook and Twitter)

In the framework of this TA Pixel has to carry out the following activities:
- Creation of Facebook project page
- Creation of the forms to be used by the partnerships
- Creation of the Project brochure in English, to be translated by partners in National languages
- Dissemination activities
- Creation of the dissemination reports
- Creation of the transnational dissemination report

It aims to promote the project sustainability. The actions to be carried out are:
• Promote the Portal through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing educational materials for teachers; portals on human rights etc.)
• Promote the among public authorities and key policy makers in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Education.
• Involve new members as associated partners

The aim of evaluation is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and of the project intellectual output. Both project partners and end users are involved and will have to fill in ad hoc questionnaires.

Description of activities carried out:
Coordination of activities

Participation in the kick-off meeting of the project in Florence
Presentation of the project to the Renasup board of directors
Continuous information campaign among private sector schools about the project
Involvement of 5 schools in the project
Preparation of the second partners' meeting in Coimbra
Production of dissemination reports
Production of a progress report on activities
Keeping our financial report up-to-date
Third partners' meeting in Liège


19 events were organized:
- 5 National Meetings in Paris with chairmen, committees, enterprises and aid organisations
- 2 Regional Meetings in Paris with school directors, and presidents and researchers of the regional entities of Renasup
- 1 Regional Meeting in Bordeaux with Catholic regional and diocesan directors
- 1 Training course with school directors
- 2 posts shared on social media about the IHR Project
- 1 article about the project on the front page of Renasup's website news section
- Printing and distributing of the I Have Rights French brochure (500 leaflets)
- 1 sporting event in Cabourg with students and teachers.
- 1 sporting event in Bordeaux with students and teachers.
- 1 transnational meeting in Acqui Terme for a new project (Pathway Through Religions)

The organization of the final conference with a lot of participants in Paris the 19th of June 2018.

8 associated partners.

Results Achieved:
Coordination of activities

Large awareness of the IHR project among private sector schools and the Catholic education sector
Involvement of 4 schools


Awareness of the IHR project among many decisive stakeholders in the education sector (19 dissemination events so far).

The final conference in Paris in the 19th of June 2018 was really interesting, and all the participants appreciated the day, during which the intervention of several researchers, teachers who took part in the project, but also round table exercises so that everyone participated.


8 associated partners.