Partners' Institution:
Human Rights Centre
Project's period (from/to):
02 April 2018 - 31 August 2018
Activity concerned:
ME - Multiplier Events

Objectives of activities carried out:
To implement the IHR multiplier event
To write the report on the IHR multiplier event

Description of activities carried out:
Meeting among the HRC Team to define the organisation of the ME
Meetings with the School Director of "Agrupamento de Escolas Martim de Freitas" and MINERVA (teachers' training centre) in order to help us with the organisation of the ME, providing a classroom and promoting the event with its associates. It took place in Coimbra on June 9th 2018, reaching 30 teachers, trainers and school directors.
Definition of the ME programme
Preparing the ME registration form together with the teachers training centre MINERVA.
Receiving of the teachers at Escola Martim de Freitas, where the event took place.
Presentation of the IHR project among other themes regarding human rights and education.
Writing of the Report on the IHR ME.

Results Achieved:
IHR Final Event took place on 9th June 2018.
30 teachers, trainers and school directors became aware of IHR results and gave their feedback on the outcomes.
Report on the IHR ME