Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2016 - 31 August 2018
Activity concerned:
IO1 - Collection of Case Studies and Best Practices

Objectives of activities carried out:
This phase is devoted to the scientific analysis of the state of the art in non-discrimination and intercultural competences in secondary schools. The aim is to assess the perception on discrimination and migration related issues of the target groups (students, teachers, headmasters, administrative personnel, parents).

Description of activities carried out:
Pixel, in cooperation with UniSiena, created the following forms:
Template: IO1.A – Questionnaire for teachers and staff of the schools
Template: IO1.B – Questionnaire for students
Template: IO1.D – Case Studies
Template: IO1.E – Guideline for the national report

The forms have been presented and approved during the kick off meeting.
Pixel also implemented the related section on the project portal.
Pixel took care of creating the online google forms for the collection of the questionnaire and continuously monitored and supported the work of the partners for the development of the intellectual output.
Pixel took care of the final layout of the best practice and reports and of the project portal hosting them.

Results Achieved:
The forms will be used by the partners in order to get homogeneous results.
The questionnaires, thanks to the feedback provided by the partners, are in the final version.
Partners collected the questionnaires and produced the reports.
Case studies, best practice, national reports and the transnational report are available on the project portal