Partners' Institution:
University of Siena
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2016 - 31 August 2018
Activity concerned:
IO3 - Publication on the Integration of Immigrant Students at Schools

Objectives of activities carried out:
Call for Papers production & circulation
Collection of Abstracts
Selection of Abstracts
Final version of the Table of Content
UniSi team contributions to the IO3
Evaluation of the contributions for publication
Editing of the contributions for publication
Providing the Publisher with the material to be printed
Final Publication in ENG
Index & Abstracts in ITA

Description of activities carried out:
Brainstorming session of the UniSi team (leading partner of the IO3) on how to write & circulate the Call for Papers
Brainstorming on the Table of Content 1st draft
Analysis of the first abstracts received in order to evaluate them
Several exchange of ideas on the IO3 structure with the partners, either via email or skype
Positive/Negative feedback to the contributors
Proposal of allocation of the abstracts selected in the publication chapters discussed with the partners during the third transnational meeting in Liegein order to produce the final version of ToC
Outline of the editorial guidelines for contributors (with IGC, Coimbra)
UniSi team contributors writing the first drafts of their contributions
A. Viviani's evaluation of all the contributions received and contacts with the Authors to discuss the content
Linguistic revision of the contributions from UniSi team
Translation of the index & abstracts from English into Italian for the Italian version of IO3
Translation of Italian teachers' testimony from Italian into English
Editing of all the contributions for publication
Linguistic revision of all the contributions
Proof reading

Results Achieved:
Production of the Call for Papers for IO3, circulated by mail amongst the partnership, with the clear indication of the deadlines to meet & the Table of Content 1st draft
All the partners' awareness on IO3 structure & goals
Final version of the ToC
Circulation of the final version of the guidelines for contributors
UniSi team's contributions
Evaluation of all the contributions received
English version of the Italian teachers' testimony
Sending of the material to the Publisher to be printed
Italian version of the IO3 (on line)
Final ENG version of the IO3 (on paper)