Partners' Institution:
KlaipÄ—da University
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2016 - 31 August 2018
Activity concerned:
IO3 - Publication on the Integration of Immigrant Students at Schools

Objectives of activities carried out:
Call for Papers production & circulation.
Collection of abstracts.
Selection of abstracts and sending them to Siena University.
Klaipeda University team contribution to the IO3.
Writing and editing the articles.
Translation the text from Lithuanian into English.
Linguistic revision and editing of the articles.
Translation the abstracts of the articles from English into Lithuanian language.
Providing the Siena University team with the abstracts translated.
Final contribution to the Publication.

Description of activities carried out:
Brainstorming session of the Klaipeda University researchers and teachers who are involved in the project IHR.
Analysis of the first abstracts received in order to evaluate them.
Klaipeda University team contributors writing the first drafts of their contributions.
Collection and selection the abstracts.
Editing the abstracts received.
Data collection and writing the articles.
Mailings with Siena University researchers in development of draft version of the publications.
Consultation the authors and revision of the draft articles received.
Klaipeda University team contribution translating the articles of the Lithuanian authors into English.
Contributions received and contacts with the authors to discuss the content.
Linguistic revision of the contribution from Klaipeda University team
Translation of the abstracts from English into Lithuanian language.
Translation of Lithuanian teachers' testimony from Lithuanian into English language.
Linguistic revision and editing of the Lithuanian contribution.
Proof reading.

Results Achieved:
Has been collected 7 abstracts.
Selected 5 abstracts, and has been send to Siena university.
Has been collected 4 articles and 1 teacher contribution.
Complete linguistic revision of text (4 articles&1 teacher contribution) and translated into English.
Evaluation and proof reading of all the Lithuanian contributions received.
English version of the Lithuanian teachers' testimony (see ME Report).
Sending of the material to the Siena University team.
Lithuanian version of the abstracts of the Publication.