Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2016 - 31 May 2018
Activity concerned:
IO2 - Guideline for Teachers on Inclusive Education

Objectives of activities carried out:
The aim is to produce a guideline for secondary school teachers In order to answer to their difficulties in managing multicultural classes.
The practical suggestions, contained in the Guidelines, will support teachers in:
- developing their intercultural competences
- strengthening their capacity to deal with a multicultural environment in their classes
- adopting new methods and tools while dealing with multicultural classes
- implementing innovative approaches to topics like multiculturalism with the objective to guide students in learning science through an interactive and proactive approach
- developing their students intercultural competences

The Guidelines are organised in 3 main modules:
1. Factual background
2. Responsibilities of teachers in a multicultural environment
3. Definition of teachers’ skills to become agents of change for an inclusive school

Description of activities carried out:
During the second partners' meeting, Inforef discussed its attributed module (Factual background) with its partner Inforef. Tasks have been divided. RenaSup and Inforef wrote chapters 1 and 3 and based their chapter 2 on the O1 transnational report. The guidelines have been submitted to the coordinator.
RenaSup has read and commented the two other modules using the project forum. We have received feedback from other partners and have made corrections accordingly.

Results Achieved:
- Final version of module 1 "Factual background" submitted after the final corrections.
- Final version of module 1 "Factual background" and module 3 "Definition of teachers’ skills to become agents of change for an inclusive school'" translated in the national langage.
- Final version of module 2 "Responsibilities of teachers in a multicultural environment " translated in the national language (module 3 was translated in French by Inforef)

Every module has now been corrected and translated into the national language